Seminar on Islam October 26, 2018 [What is Islam?]

CICC chairman conducted a seminar on Islam for 27 Japanese non-Muslim students from the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Chiba University. He was accompanied by Associate Professor Dr. Tomoko Fukuda, they observed Muslim congregational prayer at Nishi Chiba Masjid and listened a sermon on the topic of “What the Quran really says?”. This was conducted by Kyoichiro and he was addressing the fact that the Quran is a book of reflection to let us think over the creation plan and signs of God as well as our destination after death. 100 Muslims attended the Friday prayers and warmly welcomed the guests.

Their really enjoyed the seminar on “What is Islam?” This covered 1) Islam is the system of worshipping Allah, the One and Only Creator, on the basis of understanding and willingness to follow the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 2) Human daily activities are all recorded by Allah, and precisely calculated, and special rewards are given to peopel in this life and the life after death. Some of the examples of the rewards are eternal Paradise, pilgrimage to Mecca, connection to Allah and the 1.8 billion Muslim family around the world, stability of mind, stress relief, understanding of the ultimate meaning of life, distinction between right and wrong, etc. 3) Kyoichiro touched on the procedure of how to embrace Islam and explained the contents of the Shahada. 4) Finally, 5 pillars of Islam and the concept of Halal and Haram were briefly introduced.

After the lecture, several questions were raised. For example, how to establish 5 times daily prayers during office working hours? Do you regularly carry out a multicultural exchange program with non-Muslims?

Overall the feedback was positive and people really enjoyed it, alhamdulilah!