Islamic Lecture Ramadhan 1440H with Ustd Menachem Ali

An Islamic lecture with Ustd. Menachem Ali (a Moslem scholar from Airlangga University – Indonesia) at Saturday, June 1st, 2019 in CICC. Lecture topic: “Ibadah Shaum within Samawi Religion: a perspective of the Islamic truth of rahmatan lil’alamin” The lecture is given in Indonesia Language. Supported by: Chiba Islamic Cultural Center, Pengajian Muslimah Chiba, & KMII-Jepang

Safari Dakwah Ustd. Bendri Jaisyurrahman

InsyaAllah On Dec 1st, 2018 for those Indonesian & Malaysian brothers and sisters are welcomed to Safari Dakwah with Ust. Bendri Jaisyurrahman (Mubaligh Interviewee “Islam Itu Indah” TransTV – Indonesia).  Seminar topic is “strategies for caring for and fostering children’s faith in Japan” narrated with Indonesian language. jzk

Donation for Palu (Donggala) – Indonesia November 2018

Alhamdulillah CICC in collaboration with PMC (Pengajian Muslimah Chiba), through the assistance of Sister Septiani M Setyowati & Brother Agung Mangilep has donated donations to help victims of natural disasters (Earthquake & Tsunami) in Donggala (Palu) Indonesia. Donations has been spread through some area: Walhi (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) Sulawesi selatan, ACT makasar, RSWH Makasar, RS Read more about Donation for Palu (Donggala) – Indonesia November 2018[…]